Residential Insect Control

Shoo-fly Automatic Fly Control Systems have been installed in residences and commercial applications for over 35 years with tremendous success and many happy customers. Whether you’re looking to make your outdoor casual living spaces more comfortable during fly season, or have a larger commercial venue to cover, we can make you and your customers comfortable and safe.

Our systems are programmable round the clock to eliminate waste and save money in insecticide costs. Shoo-fly water emulsifiable insecticides are safe and effective and USDA approved biodegradable. You won’t find a safer, more effective system on the market. See what our customers have to say about their residential system–

Moylan Residence

Teresa & Paul Moylan Residence, Ashburnham, MA

As soon as Teresa heard about the Shoo-fly automatic fly control system, she told me all about it and how it sounded like the perfect way to control the insects around our home. She told me the chemicals are all natural, they wouldn’t harm our pets or present any risk to our family should the chemical spray onto our garden.

I’m an old engineer, and anytime something sounds too good to be true, I’ve found that it usually is. I researched Shoo-fly, learned a bit about the chemicals they use, their certifications, and spoke with some of their existing customers. I reluctantly relented and we went ahead and installed a home spray system.

Teresa and I are completely flabbergasted at how effectively the Shoo-fly system has controlled the insects at our home. We are able to garden, fish, swim on the lake and sit with our friends outside any time of day, any time of year without the least bother from any kind of insect. The installation was quick and easy, all the people we dealt with at Shoo-fly were professional and courteous, and there is absolutely no doubt that the improvement to daily life during bug season is worth every penny we’ve spent on the system. I recommend the Shoo-fly system to anyone that wants to safely control pests outside of their home.” –Paul Moylan, Residential Owner, Ashburnham, MA

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