Maintaining Your System

KillsFliesDead-WontHarmVertShoo-fly water emulsifiable insecticides are compatible with all other spray systems of this type. Our insecticides meet or exceed the safety and effectiveness of all our various competitors’ products. Shoo-fly’s Concentrate I is classified as a food additive when used as directed.

We maintain a complete inventory and have immediate shipments of insecticides and/or parts anywhere in the United States.

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Best Practices when using Shoo-fly misting concentrates in Automatic Misting Systems

  2. Keep Things Clean
    Be sure to clean the tank between refills or use an anti-microbial agent to prevent the development of bacteria or other natural organisms. Microbial growth can reduce the effectiveness of the system. If buildup is observed in the tank, empty it completely and be sure to clean it thoroughly before refilling.
  3. Filter Water
    Use a water filter that will remove all particles larger than 5 microns when refilling system. Click here to order a water filter from Shoo-fly.
  4. Monitor Misting System Output
    Check and clean misting system filter and replace nozzles when needed to be sure you are getting the particle size and distribution necessary to achieve good coverage.
  5. Apply During Active Periods
    Set the system timer to release when target insects are most active.
  6. Display Proper Labels
    Make sure that a waterproof envelope with the product label is securely attached to the outside of residential misting system tank.
  7. Follow Guidelines
    Always follow the system manufacturer’s recommendations regarding set up and maintenance. Follow insecticide product label and all Federal, State and Local regulations relating to the installation and use of misting systems and the insect control products used with them.

Still need help? Watch this helpful video on Troubleshooting your Shoo-fly system —