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Are you a people-person and self-motivated?
Do you enjoy being outdoors, setting your own schedule, working around horses?
Do you like working with your hands?
If so, you are a prime candidate to be a Shoo-fly distributor!

For over 40 years, Shoo-fly Automatic Insect Control Systems have been helping to keep barns, homes and commercial facilities free of flies and other flying insects both safely and conveniently.

The Insecticides and Automatic Insect Control Systems we manufacture are a result of feedback from experienced horse people who require a safe, economical and effective way to control insects.

The Shoo-fly Automatic Insect Control System has a programmable timer that is easily customized to the needs of each individual customer. This helps to save on insecticide costs by spraying only when needed while still effectively killing the flies.

All Shoo-fly Automatic Insect Control Systems are manufactured in Ocala, Florida and are custom-designed for each facility. They are easily installed, taking an average of 20-30 minutes per nozzle.

We maintain a complete inventory of all Shoo-Fly system parts and insecticides ready to ship anywhere in the United States.

Shoo-Fly parts are compatible with other overhead misting systems and you can use our safe and effective insecticides with any overhead fly spray system.

Shoo-Fly distributors enjoy a strong support team. Whether it is technical support or referrals — we are here for you. With 40 years of experience we can help you to develop your own business in your community.

As you build your business each system you install or repair has the potential to become your regular customer who trusts you to care for them. You can establish a service route and/or we can drop ship to your customers. We will work with you as you grow. Your income potential is unlimited.

Your initial investment as a distributor is a minimum of two complete overhead fly spray systems and one case of insecticide. All orders must be paid for before they can be shipped.

Contact us today using the convenient form below, or call us at 352-351-5858 and let’s bring you onto the Shoo-Fly team!


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