Contains the botanical insecticide Pyrethrum, an extract of a Chrysanthemum flower along with PBO, it provides rapid and effective control of insects upon direct contact. The micro-emulsion, water-based insecticide is designed for use in Automatic Misting Systems. Pyrethrum has quick killing ability with no persistent residue.

For Use in:

Horse Barns, Dairy Barns, Kennels and Other Animal Areas Listed. For use on Horses, Beef Cattle, Dairy Cattle, Hogs, Poultry, and other listed livestock.

Also used around homes and recreational areas to control mosquitos and other pest that prevent you from enjoying your space.


  • Mosquitoes, including the Culex species that may carry and transmit the West Nile Virus.
  • Stable Flies, Horse Flies, Face Flies, Deer Flies, Houseflies, Gnats.
  • Black Widow Spiders and Black Carpenter Ants.
  • Controls Fleas and Ticks in pet areas.
  • Controls Deer Ticks and other Ixodid species that may carry and transmit Lyme disease.
  • "Sandflies" also known as "no-see'ums or "punkies", although the more correct name is "biting midges."

Can be used in a pump sprayer in feed rooms, tack rooms and other areas in the barn that the nozzles are not installed.

Concentrate I can be used in food and non-food areas of food processing plants, canneries, industrial installations, bakeries, rice and wheat mills, tobacco warehouses, grain elevators, warehouses, storage sites and other listed areas to control [kill], on contact, listed crawling pests and is a fast, effective product for flying insect control. Concentrate I provides rapid kill of insects without objectionable residues.






Digital Timer Wired

Digital Timer Wired


Livestock & Poultry Plus PBO 2pack

Livestock & Poultry Plus PBO 2pack


We use Shoo-Fly for all of our insect problems. They have been a stellar company to work with and produce an exemplary product that provides almost 100% eradication of flying pests.

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