Shoo-fly Mechanical Timer was designed to make operating the system easy for everyone. The high demand for a timer that was not digital motivated us to design this as a great alternative. It is manufactured right here at Shoo-fly.

The timer comes wired and with an override button that will automatically shut off after the system runs for the preset duration. Also included is a weight for the sump switch. This timer does not have a backup power source so if you have power outage you will need to correct the current time of day.

For more information please read our Mechanical Timer in the Discover section.



Pump Body

Pump Body


Aluminum Tank Filter

Aluminum Tank Filter


Livestock & Poultry Plus PBO 2pack

Livestock & Poultry Plus PBO 2pack


The Shoo-Fly system has a tremendous ease-of-use. It is easy to clean and service. If we ever have a problem all we do is contact them and they provide an immediate solution.

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