Our customers say it best!

Chester Weber, Live Oak Combined Driving, Ocala, FL: 11x World Champion Four-In-Hand driver Chester Weber has had a Shoo-fly Automatic Insect Control System in his barn since 1981.

“The systems have been great to keep the horses comfortable while in their stable and to keep the staff in a safe place while they’re working around the horses. They’re much more comfortable in their stalls, more restful, allows them to come out to train every day with a positive attitude. I can’t say enough about the horsemanship behind the product and the reliability of the system.”

Wrenwood Dressage, KYJT Burnley, FEI Dressage Trainer, Wrenwood Dressage, Fulton, KY: “We customarily use Shoo-Fly for all of our insect problems. They have been a stellar company to work with and produce an exemplary product that provides almost 100% eradication of flying pests. It has a tremendous ease-of-use. It is easy to clean and service. If we ever have a problem all we do is contact them via cellular and they provide an immediate solution and ship additional parts or products as we add onto our system. Their staff is always friendly, polite, and helpful. Their service is affordable, and saves us money over applying fly spray individually. I would give them 5 out of 5 stars. Truly a well-organized, well-thought-out product that each and every horse owner with flying pests could be well served by.”

Kelli Jordan, Golden IslesKelli Jordan, Owner/Trainer, Golden Isles Riding Academy, Brunswick, GA: “I just wanted to let you know that Greg has been here all day installing my new system and he was GREAT! Very professional, informative and courteous. I am so excited to be fly free!”

Trafalgar Farms, Walla Walla, WA: Trafalgar is the home of co-trainers Daryl Hopson and Greg Ferguson. Many World Champion Morgans have emerged from this busy show barn, considered one of the premiere western pleasure training centers in the country.

Daryl Hopson

Daryl Hopson
Trafalgar, Walla Walla, WA

“Our training horses are content, comfortable and ready to work, thanks to our Shoo-fly automatic insect control system!”

3H Equestrian Center, Ocala, FL: 3H is a premiere breeding and training center in the Ocala area, highly endorses Shoo-fly products. Fernando Cardenas, owner/breeder/trainer from Colombia, has had a very successful career in all disciplines of Sport Horse training and showing, ranging from representing the Colombian dressage team at the 1983 Pan American Games in Caracas, Venezuela; and in 1987 he was named the official head coach for the Colombian show jumping Pan American team. He has  trained and competed in the United States for over 25 years.

3H Equestrian Center

3H Equestrian Center, Ocala, FL

“We have been using Shoo-fly at our 30-stall barn for many years. I have found not only the fly system to be very effective in keeping down the pesky flies, but it has been very easy to administer to all stalls, we have never had adverse reactions by any of our horses, and it is very cost effective. In addition, the friendly staff at Shoo-fly is always very accommodating and helpful.”

Marion Therapeutic Riding Association (MTRA), Ocala, FL: MTRA is a PATH International Premier Accredited therapeutic horsebackriding center located in Ocala, Florida. Their mission is to promote wellness, exercise and education while providing the benefits of equine assisted activities to persons of all ages challenged with a disability.

MTRA Ocala

MTRA Ocala enjoys a fly-free barn courtesy of Shoo-fly

“We are grateful to Shoo-fly for providing and maintaining the fly control systems that add so much to the comfort of our clients, horses and volunteers. It is a Godsend in the warmer months of the year and keeps our program running comfortably so we can concentrate on our very important work,” says Executive Director Leslie Gettys.

Peterson & Smith Equine Reproduction Center

Peterson & Smith Equine Reproduction Center, Ocala, FL

Peterson & Smith Equine Reproduction Center, Ocala, FL: Peterson & Smith conducts all aspects of equine reproduction. Procedures performed vary from the more usual to the most advanced, such as embryo transfer, semen freezing and in vitro fertilization. In 2007, the ERC also opened its foaling facility. Dr. Phil Matthews, director of the center, fully endorses Shoo-fly Automatic Fly Systems.

“With over 200 mares at the Center, fly prevention is high on our list of priorities. We have been using Shoo-fly for almost 10 years now and we are extremely pleased with the efficacy of the product and with the service we have received.”

The Sanctuary Equine Sports Therapy & Rehabilitation Center, Ocala, FL: Situated on nearly 30 pristine acres adjacent to North Highway 27 in northwest Marion County, The Sanctuary Equine Rehabilitation and Sports Therapy Center is a state of the art facility treating world class athletes, outstanding breeding stock and many family equine friends. The Sanctuary has quickly been recognized by horsemen and women from all disciplines as the finest, most comprehensive facility of its kind in the world. Brenda McDuffee, General Manager, states

The Sanctuary

The Sanctuary Equine Sports Therapy & Rehabilitation Center, Ocala, FL

“The Sanctuary is a state of the art equine sports therapy and rehabilitation center. We have had Shoo-fly insect control systems in our barns since we opened. They allow the horses to rest and recover in their stalls without being pestered by flies. We wouldn’t think of having a facility of this calibre without having the same quality of fly system to protect it.”

Paul & Teresa Moylan, Ashburnham, MA: In a very rural part of Massachusetts on the New Hampshire border is the home of Paul & Teresa Moylan. Their home is situation in the woods, with waterfront on a beautiful lake, complete with their own beach and boat dock. The Moylans love to garden and during the summer months, most of their produce comes right from their backyard. It is truly a beautiful location, particularly in the summer. Except when you account for the black flies, spiders, mosquitoes and other flying, biting insects and the bugs that proliferate their little microclimate.

Moylan Residence

Paul & Teresa Moylan Residence, Ashburnham, MA

“As soon as Teresa heard about the Shoo-fly automatic fly control system, she told me all about it and how it sounded like the perfect way to control the insects around our home. She told me the chemicals are all natural, they wouldn’t harm our pets or present any risk to our family should the chemical spray onto our garden.

I’m an old engineer, and anytime something sounds too good to be true, I’ve found that it usually is. I researched Shoo-fly, learned a bit about the chemicals they use, their certifications, and spoke with some of their existing customers. I reluctantly relented and we went ahead and installed a home spray system.

Teresa and I are completely flabbergasted at how effectively the Shoo-fly system has controlled the insects at our home. We are able to garden, fish, swim on the lake and sit with our friends outside any time of day, any time of year without the least bother from any kind of insect. The installation was quick and easy, all the people we dealt with at Shoo-fly were professional and courteous, and there is absolutely no doubt that the improvement to daily life during bug season is worth every penny we’ve spent on the system. I recommend the Shoo-fly system to anyone that wants to safely control pests outside of their home.” –Paul Moylan, Residential Owner, Ashburnham, MA

Sally Ann Lyle

Sally Ann Lyle, Artist, Ocala, FL

Sally Ann Lyle, Deepwoods, Ocala, FL: An artist specializing in horse and dog portraits and paintings, Sally and her dogs and horses live on a small farm in Ocala, Florida.

“I am fortunate to have Shoo-fly systems installed both in my barn and all around my house. The horses and humans and housepets all enjoy being free of the pesky flies and mosquitoes.”

Rohara Arabians

Roxann Hart, Rohara Arabians, Orange Lake, FL

Rohara Arabians, Ocala, FL: Roxann Hart believes in Shoo-fly and has used our systems for over 25 years.

“We have had great service from Shoo-fly. People from all over the world visit Rohara and always comment particularly about how bug-free, fly-free and mosquito-free our Rohara barns are, thanks to our Shoo-fly automatic misting systems. We have seen no adverse reactions to our horses or environment, and particularly appreciate the fact that the ingredients are natural.”