Master Control Unit

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Shoo-fly’s Master Control Unit consists of all the components necessary to operate the insecticide system (as described below). The Master Unit is capable of protecting barns with up to 80 stalls. Larger units are available.

The 24 hour mechanical timer can be set around the clock to meet your particular needs, with a duration of spray ranging from 1 second to 90 seconds (1 minute is optimum). The sump switch automatically turns the system off when the fluid has been used, protecting the pump and motor.

The 100 gallon per hour carbon vane pump is self-priming, doesn’t have to be lubricated and is protected by a high-pressure safety relief valve that is pre-set by the factory. It is virtually maintenance free.

The 1/3 HP motor operates at 1725 RPM’s, 115 Volts using 6 AMPs of electricity. This motor is thermally protected.

The filter, check valves, nuts and bolts used in the manufacturing of this system are high quality stainless steel and brass. Each system has a nylon hood that keeps the motor and top of the drum free of dirt.

The 55 gallon drum is made from black polyethylene and will give you a lifetime of service.

We do not know of one single item on our systems that could be improved. We have units that have been in operation for over 20 years and are still going strong. Shoo-fly automatic flying insect and fly control systems are completely safe and environmentally friendly for stables and all outdoor applications including homes and other recreational venues. Shoo-fly kills mosquitoes, flies and other flying insects using safe, water emulsifiable insecticides.

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