Shoo-Fly Urges Horse Owners To Tag Their Horses!

Most people have dealt with the physical loss of an animal, whether that be a dog or cat. We are human and as humans we often can misplace animals or items, shockingly enough that includes a horse sometimes. Now you may ask how on earth can I lose something as big as a horse? Often times natural disasters such as a hurricane or storm can fracture or completely destroy the building or fence that you are keeping that horse in. What happens after this is the horse can walk right out of your holding area or even run from being frightened. The importance of tagging you’re horses is very evident and clear. You are probably wondering where on earth do i find the material to tag my horses at? That’s very easy, you can stop by any shop that carries ID tags. Inserting the ID tag is very simple and painless for the horse, you start by braiding the ID tag into the center of the mane. Tagging your horse this way is very convenient for all horse owners.


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