Why Horse Flies are Nobody’s Friends

Why Horse Flies are Nobody’s Friends


Ouch! These flies really hurt when they bite dad, I had no idea flies could bite so viciously! This was me when i was a young child helping my dad out in the barn, I guess you could say horse flies have been out to get me from the start! From that day forward I always knew what my dad told me and that is horse flies are nobody’s friends.

Horse flies are a nuisance and can be very dangerous to humans, cattle and specifically horses. Countless untreated bites from a female horsefly can not only cause a drastic amount of weight loss in a horse, but also damage the exterior of any animal. Female horse flies are known to be aggressive blood feeders and, just like mosquitoes, horseflies can also carry blood transferred diseases. Female horse flies bite because they need blood from a warm blooded animal to feed her young.

An infestation is nothing to sneeze at—one female horsefly can lay close to 800 eggs a year! One way to know if you have an infestation is the painful biting caused by an adult female fly and the symptoms and reactions to their bites.

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