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Dragonsmeade Maxmara

Chuck driving World Champion Dragonsmeade Maxmara

Shoo-fly’s founder, Charles “Chuck” Hudson, has been intimately involved in the insect control business for close to 40 years. Prior to founding Shoo-fly in 1979, chuck made his living as a cropduster pilot and became aware of the properties and effectiveness of many different insecticides.

His wife, Carol Hudson, has been involved in breeding, raising, training and showing fine Morgan Horses her entire life. In 2007, Carol was inducted into the prestigious American Morgan Horse Association’s Breeders Hall of Fame by her peers.

Chuck and Carol’s farm, Treble’s Morgan Manor, has been home to many World Champions and producers of World Champions, including their foundation sire Quaker Acre Treble, World Champion sires Tug Hill Commando, Treble’s Willy Wild and Mtn Laurel Maximilian, and now their newest stallion on the roster, the home bred Treble’s Master Player. Over the years, these stallions matched with Carol’s select collection of mares have borne a sought-after prefix that has graced the monikers of over 300 World and Reserve World Champion Morgan Horses.

As experience horse people themselves, Chuck and Carol wanted a safe and effective stable insecticide and insect control system. Chuck, with the help of an associate firm, designed Shoo-fly’s Concentrate I. This USDA approved, biodegradable insecticide is the only insecticide that he knows of that is classified as a food additive when used as directed. He selected only the finest parts for his systems: all brass and stainless steel nozzles, high PSI nylon tubing and a 24-hour programmable timer that is extremely user-friendly. Chuck makes a point of examining and selecting the most reliable and well-made components for Shoo-fly. He is proud to say he would not change one single component. He believes there are none better. Many of his systems have been in continuous operation for over 20 years and are still going strong.

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