Blue Green Algae Testimonials

What others have to say about Blue Green Algae

(Aphanizomenon Flos Aquae)

Hooves and the power of Blue Green Algae

More than 20 years ago, Blue green Algae was discovered to be beneficial for humans, hoofed animals, and pets. A few years ago, Wayne Blevins, a farrier of 25 years (also a trainer and breeder) in northern California, started feeding Blue Green Algae to horses with bad hooves. He noticed immediately that the hoof composition changed. The hooves became stronger, more elastic, and in chronic laminitis and white line disease, and in many cases, the problems began clearing up within a few weeks. Wayne had used every product available on the market, but had never experienced or saw the results that Blue Green Algae provided.


“Comparing Blue Green Algae to other supplements…. you can see results in six weeks instead of six months! The most experience I have had is with foundered horses. THIS HEALS THE FOOT.”  — Leroy Miller, Sarasota, FL

“I noticed the animals and horses eating Blue Green Algae were noticeably more healthy looking. When feeding Blue Green Algae to horses with debilitating laminitis, I was astounded! In six weeks, they were better than I had ever seen or could have imagined.”  — Dean Bader, DVM, Shingle Springs, CA  
White Line

“This horse had white line disease in the front feet, where a #5 nail could be run in as far as it would go from heel to heel. After shoeing with pads, the horse was still tender footed and the hoof wall left very little place to hold nails. The horse had no heel to speak of for the last year. After six weeks of two tablespoons twice each day of live Blue Green Algae, the feet completely changed. The laminae reattached, no more breaking away and the horse developed a good strong heel. The change was very noticable from the appearance of the outside hoof wall. There was no more hollow sound from within, because it had filled with good clear hoof material.”  — Reuben Miller, Sullivan, IL 
Brian tried the live Blue Green Algae on his own stud that had a very serious case of white line disease for six months. The hoof had deteriorated to the extent that it could not hold a shoe on. Within ten days of feeding Blue Green Algae, the medial hoof wall fell off on both front feet, exposing the formation of the new material within. After six weeks, the horse had developed enough hoof wall to nail and hold shoes.  — Brian Eastman, Andover, NY 


Reuben Miller is a farrier with a long-standing reputation as a laminitis specialist. “I have never, in 25 years of treating lameness, seen abscesses clear up so quickly. Some of the things I have seen in such a short time, I wouldn’t have believed it if someone just tried to tell me. I have not seen anything but good.”    — Reuben Miller, Sullivan, IL 

“The abscesses dry up faster and fill with clear pliable material.” — Wayne Blevins, Horseshoer/Trainer, Shingle Springs, CA 


“The Blue Green Algae eating horses in my clientele do not develop fungal problems. For those that had fungus, it went away in six weeks to three months.”   — Wayne Blevins, Horseshoer/Trainer, Shingle Springs, CA

Overall Health

“Double L Zero is a 1976 AQHA stallion. We’ve owned him since February 1976. We’ve tried numerous additives and remedies to help his feet, as well as a variety of shoeing options with no real improvement. After initial skepticism about Blue Green Algae, we decided to start him on it in August 1998. First noted improvements were in his overall health, better coat condition, lessening of chronic cough and walking better. After two months, he was trotting like a 3-year-old, not a 23 year old. We are very impressed with the results to date.”  — Joe and Jenny Decker, Clay Bottom Farm, Belmont, NY

“Feeding your animals the essential minerals and vitamins they need will strengthen the immune system and aid cell regeneration. This means less sick and lethargic animals and a quicker, more effective healing process in horses that are injured or have any hoof problems.”  — Dean Bader, DVM, Shingle Springs, CA